About D5 Coaching

Our Vision

Deb Bollom
Deborah Bollom, PCC, PCACG, CPCC

Our vision is to help and support each client as they discover their strengths and find their own strategies to overcome the areas of weakness of their ADD/ADHD.

We are also here to educate the general public about ADD/ADHD and be a support system for clients, families and employers of those with ADHD.

Our Business

We combine in person initial sessions (when possible), phone coaching and ADHD education to support the behavioral changes and new strategies being made by the clients.

Education support available to support the ADHD adult and spouse or employer.

Who Is D5 Coaching

Deborah Bollom, PCC, PCACG, CPCC, is a Professional ADD and Business Coach trained and Certified by ICF (International Coaches Federation), CTI (The Coaches Training Institute) and ADDCA (ADD Coach Academy), with additional ADD coaches training classes from Linda Anderson, and Sue Coleman.

Deb is one of the co-authors of 365 Ways To Succeed With ADHD, was a featured speaker on One & The Same Minneapolis and St. Paul cable show, Grand Rapids MN Itasca College Community Education, as well as returning speaker for the Shepherd of the Valley Apple Valley ADD Group among other groups.

“Deb works with entrepreneurs and adults with ADHD who hate details and feel overwhelmed – to discover their strengths and create unique ways to move self and business forward.”

She Helps them realize potential, learn to trust themselves; and stay focused.

“Deb loves teaching others to understand ADHD, theirs or others through her experience having a family member with ADD, support groups and clients.”

Deb worked in the financial industry for 15 years, 8 of those as a business / conversion analyst throughout the country. She holds a B. S. in Education, Health and Coaching from the University of Wisconsin: River Falls.

Deb is a member of ADDA (Attention Deficit Disorder Association), CHADD (Children and Adults with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder), and ICF (International Coaches Federation) and MCA (Minnesota Coaches Association), ACO (ADD Coaching Organization). Deb has served as co-facilitator for the CTI ADHD Special Interest Group, board member for the Minnesota Coaches Association.

Deb is the 2009 recipient of the Minnesota Coaches Association Gaston Award for Distinguished Service.

She has a passion for adventure, music and cooking, and work camps. She is also an active church member, wife, mother of two adult children and grandchildren.