Coaching Benefits

Are You In Transition? Are you an Entrepreneur?

Individuals in transition and entrepreneurs are people on the edge of moving into new stages in their lives. While it is easy to think in terms of job and career transitions, there are actually many life stages that offer opportunities for internal learning. Among them:

  • Starting a businesses
  • Individuals in mid-life who want more from their experiences and relationships
  • Adults supporting aging parents
  • Individuals the midst of changing relationships
  • Parents challenged by growing children
  • Young adults from 15-25 who are transitioning from high school, through college and into the work force

All these transitions and changes in life can benefit from coaching.

Benefits of Coaching for People with ADHD

ADHD consumes more energy than most of us realize and have to spare. Coaching provides a compassionate, safe, confidential structure in which to explore and learn about your ADD/ADHD and make life altering changes.

Results include:

  • Increased confidence
  • Increased understanding of your ADD and how it is effecting your life
  • Reduced fear
  • More energy
  • Exploring creative solutions
  • Find practical tools for designing a life the way you want to live
  • Learn to use your strengths
  • Learn how you can focus better
  • Learn skills to get unstuck
  • Find your organizational style
  • Support
  • Forward movement
  • Learn to understand your ADD/ADHD gifts

If you are stirred by any of these questions, please contact me.