We offer a variety of services, all of which come with free estimates.
Here’s a quick overview of our most popular:

Services Available


  • One on one Coaching
    • via the phone or Skype worldwide
    • or initial session person in the Twin Cities metro area
  • ADD/ADHD Coaching
  • Entrepreneur Coaching
  • ADD/ADHD coaching to understand the ADD person in your life

Speaking topics

  • “Understanding ADHD in the Work Place”
  • “Coping with ADHD in the Family”
  • “Recognizing and Working with ADHD in the Classroom”
  • “Helping your Teen Soar”
  • “Recognizing and Understanding Your ADHD Clients”

Other Services

  • Consulting for Non ADHD Coaches with ADHD Clients
  • Consulting with employers in search of the right assistant for the ADHD employee looking for an assistant
  • MAPP Assessment Testing (Motivational Appraisal of Personal Potential)
  • Consulting
  • Career Testing (MAPP)


  • Corporate Coaching and Consulting fee determined per project
  • Individual Coaching clients prices bases on type of services required