What people say about working with Deb Bollom and d5 Coaching

When I first found Deb, I was at the end of my rope. I was burned out with my work, and felt like a failure. She was supportive and encouraging, and helped me to understand that my ADHD isn’t a curse… that it comes with benefits as well as challenges. She never let me stop believing in myself. She taught me to celebrate my successes, taught me how to plan my work so that it was easier to accomplish, and energized me so that I could face each week refreshed and confident. She has been a Godsend!

Mary C Portland OR

I get more out of my 1 hour coaching session with Deb than I do in a 3 hour group session being conducted at a University. I came in today feeling like a 5 and left feeling like an 8.

Marilyn W

I have been working with Deb for a few months now, and I have become more organized and efficient. I also have doubled my company size in the computer consulting industry, and I have D5 Coaching to thank. She has helped me move forward with processes that allowed me to be ready for the contract I just landed. I would proudly recommend D5 Coaching to anyone who wants to feel more confident and to stop procrastinating going with his or her tasks and projects.

Tim Avalon Computing, Inc.

I have worked with a therapist but what you give me with the accountability each week and helping me explore ideas, and strategies to get things moving forward have really helped my total life. I got much more than help with my business I got help with my life and relationships. Your excellent coaching, ideas and guidance made a significant contribution to being hired for my new job.

Rich C.

Coaching has helped me learn to manage my paper and finances. The accountability to you as the coach and learning that I work best with a buddy has made amazing changes in how I do things. I have new strategies to use to take away the feeling of overwhelm that I would suffer. You have helped give me back my self-confidence.

Lana B.

I just wanted to say “THANK YOU” for your time and insight last week. It was great. You have such a kind and gentle personality; it’s easy to see why people speak so highly of you.Just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate your ability to create a safe environment where the team could communicate more effectively. It will be interesting to see where we are at a few weeks from now. Hopefully, we could have you back to provide more insight and accountability.

Mike k.

What coaching has brought to my life:
I now like myself
I am alive and can share my real self with my family
I live today and leave tomorrow for tomorrow
I can coach others I now know my strengths and can play to them
I don’t care about my weaknesses
I can take time to care for myself without feeling guilty.

Wayne M.

Signing on with Deb as my coach was a smart move and the best money I ever spent. Her gifts of insight and her perception helped me to see what I needed to do to live a better, more fulfilling life. Her impact on my life was so significant. She helped me to find, develop and nurture my strengths. She also helped me to reverse negative reactions, and channel that energy more positively. Everybody needs this.

Debbie O.